Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He’s Saved, Single, & Super Fine, But Is He the One?

Let me first give you a scenario. “Mr. Saved, Single, & Super Fine” catches your eye at church. He’s the youth pastor who is always fired up for the Lord.Then you notice that he’s making eye contact with you and giving you a smile that makes you weak at the knees. At the end of the service, he approaches you and you exchange telephone numbers. Now let’s fast forward three months later and you realize this man is everything that you want in a husband. “Mr. Saved, Single, & Super Fine” is in ministry and loves God with all of his heart. He’s tall, dark and handsome.  At this moment, you are wondering if he can possibly be the one for you. Ladies, I hate to break it to you but just because he’s everything you want in a mate does not mean he’s the one. Ok, so you are wondering, why would God bring this man in your life? It can be a plethora of reasons.   Many of us women complain that there are no saved and single men out there. Well, maybe God is trying to show you through this young man that there are saved men who really love Christ and living according to His word. Sometimes, God places that person there to show you that you are not really ready for a Godly husband.  Maybe we have some things that we need to clean up first before we meet our husband. 

The question is “Is He the One?”. My answer to that is definitely pray and seek God concerning if this man is supposed to be your husband. Please do not be led by your flesh or your desire to get married that you will just grab the first Christian guy that you meet. I know Christian couples who are miserable in their marriages and one of the reasons could be that they were not meant to be together. 
Proverbs 3: 6 says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  
The Holy Spirit will reveal to you if you are supposed to marry this young man or not.  Doesn’t He reveal other things to you? Doesn’t the Spirit direct you concerning other decisions that you are contemplating? Ok, so He will do the same thing concerning a husband.  

In conclusion, while you are with this young man, please “guard your heart” (Prov. 4: 23). If God is showing you that this young man is not the one for you and both of you may have fallen in love with each other, maybe you should end the relationship.  The more you spend time with this young man the more you are going to fall in love with each other, so why put your heart through so much pain.  It may be very hard to walk away, but ask God to help you. 

Your Sister in Christ,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Enjoying Your Time In Your Singleness

I know many of you especially to my Christian sisters and brothers, who desperately want to get married are probably thinking, “how can you enjoy your time in your singleness?”.Trust me, it can be done. Before you can truly enjoy your life to the fullness during your single years, there are two things that must be done. Now I’m not saying that your desire for a mate will disappear but these two important things will give you a peace about your situation. When these two things are met, you will be able to free yourself of any anxious and depressive feelings and then live the full life that God intends for you to have. The first thing is that you should have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and the second thing is to simply love yourself.  
I want you to sit back and ponder about what I’ve just said.  Let it resonate in your mind. I’m going to ask you a very important question.  Do you feel that once you meet your husband/wife that you will feel complete or that life will be better?  If you answered no, then I’m happy that you are content with yourself and that you don’t need a man/woman to validate you.  On the other hand, if you answered yes, then you are looking for love in all the wrong places. Either your relationship with Christ isn’t as strong as you thought, you aren’t happy with yourself or both. It is very important to understand that only God can fill that void that is empty in your life. If you feel that people or things are supposed to make you happy, then I’m sorry to inform you that you will be disappointed.  Yes, they may make you happy at times, but people will disappoint you. It’s because they are human and no one is perfect.

Phillipians 4: 11 says “ Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

During this time, enjoy being with you, your family, and friends. Yes, I said enjoy being with you.  It’s okay to spend time just enjoying yourself and God. It's nothing wrong with taking yourself to the movies or dinner.
  I Corinthians 7: 34 says, “There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.”
When you are married, you may not have time to do all that you want to do, so while you are single just live life to the fullest. 

Here are some ways to enjoy your time!

  1. Develop your relationship with Christ even more.
  2. Travel.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Become more involved in your church.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Go on a mission trip.
  7. Learn a new hobby or hobbies.
  8. Become a mentor.
  9. Be proactive in your community.
  10. Participate in a 5k.

And the list goes on. There are so many ways to have a fulfilled life. In conclusion, I want to challenge you to live that fulfilled life while allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Proverbs 3:6 says “ In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

* NOTE: I am a person that LOVES to travel and recently I had the privilege to go to Germany. The two pics that are on this post are from my trip.  

Your Sister in Christ,


Welcome!! I am super excited about starting this blog that will encourage you during your season of singleness. I can't believe that I am actually starting a blog but I felt led by Christ to start this. If you would have told me that I would be doing this now, I probably would have laughed at you. I'm not joking.  I've always enjoyed writing but I never considered doing one until recently. This blog will discuss some common problems that many singles face. These articles are not intended to make you feel bad, but to allow you to become closer to Christ. We are all learning about growing in Christ. No one has arrived. I want all of us to eventually get to the point of "Singles Living 4 Him".   By Him, I am referring to Jesus Christ.  God has such amazing plans for your life, but you have to allow Him to work in you and through you. I'm not saying that you won't go through trials, but at least you will have Him to help you through this journey called life. Again, I want to welcome you to my page.

Your Sister in Christ,